AGL Expands Battery Storage Range

AGL Expands Battery Storage Range

AGL energy has added two new battery systems to its range which are larger than usual, providing for customers that require high levels of energy.

These batteries will suit a wider range of households and give customers more control in managing their energy usage and generation, as well as decreasing energy bills.

The 11.6kWh and 19.4 kWh systems will cater to homeowners with large rooftop solar system installations, and who consume large levels of energy.

This news comes shortly after electricity retail giant AGL launched their Powerlegato 7.2kWh battery system, surprising the market with their low price.

The system was made by AU Optronics, their Taiwanese partner, and appeared to have a hefty discount, costing less than $10,000.

Marc England, the Executive General Manager of AGL’s New Energy said, “We were the first major energy retailer to launch a battery in the Australian market and we continue to innovate. We now offer the widest range of energy storage solutions to meet individual household needs.”

The new battery systems are apart of AGL’s Power Advantage Club, and come in Large and Extra Large sizes, priced between $14,990 and $19,990.

The Power Advantage Club was developed earlier this year in May, at the time when AGL released battery storage products to the public, making them the first major utility company in Australia to do so.

Sunverge, a solar and storage company based in the US is the supplier of the new batteries, that include installation and an inverter within the price.

Specifications released by AGL show that the 11.6kWh (Large size) Sunverge system would suit a home with three to four bedrooms, that has a 4.5kW+ solar system.

The 19.4kWh (Extra Large) system can cater to homes with five or more bedrooms, along with a PV system 5kW and above.

Solar Choice stated that the average home in Sydney would require an 11.6kWh capacity battery in addition to a 5kW solar system to power the home in peak demand, however around 20 per cent of the demand would still be covered by the grid.

On an average day, 77 per cent of energy demand could be satisfied with a 20kWh battery storage system.

An additional benefit of the Sunverge batteries is that they can be installed both outside and inside, with a 10 year warranty.

Demanding testing standards were undergone to ensure the batteries are suited to Australian conditions.

A lot of batteries offered in the market at the moment, in particular lithium-ion batteries, cannot be installed outdoors as they cannot withstand extreme temperatures, which gives AGL’s new additions an advantage.

Australia key market for Sunverge

Sunverge founder and head of smart energy systems Ken Munson, says that the Australian market is a perfect fit for his company, and is “one of the most interesting in world,”.

This is due to a number of factors such as the highly penetrated market of rooftop solar, large grid, suitable landscape, high power costs and efficient solar technology/ resources.

AGL have stated they plan to work on their battery storage system range continuously, which can be purchased using various methods of payment.

According to Mr England, consumers interest in energy storage has been strong.

“AGL has spent the last few months learning from the more than 4,000 customers who signed up to our Power Advantage Club. These new storage products are the result of that learning and we will continue to innovate our offers to meet further customer needs,” said Mr England.

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AGL Expands Battery Storage Range



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