“How much should I spend on a solar system?”

To home and business owners first getting their bearings in the solar market – this is a difficult question to answer. Often people answer this question based on price, and purchase an inexpensive system that doesn’t meet their energy needs.

Other times this question is answered for them by a salesperson that gets a cut out of them purchasing any solar system regardless of their needs.

Solar panel prices can vary greatly, and are often inflated by retailers who inflate the price of the product and installation to increase their profit margins.

But a solar power system is a serious investment in your financial future, and you should first calculate your energy consumption, and then select a system that will meet that need. Residential solar systems generally range from 1.5kW (6 x 250W panels) in size to 10kW (40 x 250W panels).

What do I need to consider?

To understand which system is best for your property and energy requirements, you should consider the following factors:

  • How much electricity do you consume?
  • The amount of power you want to generate, and how much you will use
  • How much power will you export to the grid?
  • What’s your total budget for a solar power system?


Selecting a system based on solar panel prices, or going for the largest system you possibly can may seem like the obvious choice, but before you start engaging with retailers and installers, you should first consider:

  • How much space is available on your roof?
  • What’s your total budget for a solar power system?
  • Do you want premium products used in the solar installation?
  • The level of service you want delivered by your retailer and installer – this extends to after-sales service
  • What rebates are available to you for the purchase of a system?
  • What rate of solar feed-in tariff can you expect?

Solar Rebates

There are a number of rebates and schemes in Australia that can affect solar panel prices.
One scheme that affects the point of purchase price of a solar system is the Australian Solar Credits Rebate which allows a discount on the purchase of a solar power system for all Australian homeowners. The larger the system you install, the larger the rebate.

Australian Solar Panel Prices

The cost of solar power systems has dropped dramatically over the past decade – In 2010 a standard 5kW solar system could cost you $20k, now the same system + installation may only cost you $5k.

This drop has been sparked by intense competition in the solar market – and the nature of the industry is such that fraudulent practices and inflated sales commissions are common. Which is why Solarcore gives you the ability to purchase a quality system online without the need for salespeople or unethical business practices.

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