Five Ways to Green Your Home

Five Ways to Green Your Home

LED Lighting

Lighting your dream home uses a large amount of electricity and can be not only expensive, but very bad for the environment. Making the switch to CFL or LED lights from regular lightbulbs or downlights can be a seriously smart financial decision. This is not only how to save electricity in the long run, LED lights also last much longer than regular lightbulbs and are a much lower fire risk to your home.

Control That Temperature

Both heating and cooling consume serious amounts of valuable energy. Know just a few handy tips and tricks can reduce your energy bill and make your home considerably more sustainable. The obvious place to start would be to not go to the extremes on your heating and cooling systems. Many people reduce their air-conditioners to temperatures far too cold than necessary, likewise with heaters far too hot. Using the timer functions that are found on most modern systems is also a no-brainer, which many people surprisingly forget to do!

Use Solar Power

Despite many people seeing solar as a slightly more expensive option than the previous two suggestions, home solar panel prices and newly released solar batteries prices are actually quickly on the decrease. In addition to this, governments around the world are pushing for the expansion of renewable energy in attempts to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change. There are many different types of home solar power systems, meaning there is likely at least one solution that will suit your needs. Not only will you be increasing the ‘green’ status of your home – you’ll also be saving yourself money through solar rebates, feed-in tariffs and financial incentive schemes.


This is one of the easiest ways to be green and care for the environment – you’ll hardly need to change your lifestyle at all! Simply put your recycled trash in your recycling bin, it’s that simple. This will prevent landfills from overflowing, will reduce air pollution and will preserve the many resources it takes to produce a brand new, non-recycled product.

Use Water Wisely

Water is necessary for the functioning of every part of society to function. Looking after it and maintaining its purity and natural state is incredibly important. Conserving water firstly saves energy, as there is less pumping required to supply it to water-hungry homes. Conserving water is also cost effective as your water bill will quite quickly reveal when you adopt water efficient practices. Reducing our water consumption also reduces the risk of drought and leaves the planet with less polluted water that is often difficult to treat and can be pumped back into natural water sources.


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