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thermasun, electric boosted solar water heaters

Thermasun electric boosted solar water heaters are specifically designed to provide maximum solar benefit and help reduce spiralling energy costs. Thermasun water heaters are fully approved to the highest Australian standards.

thermasun system
  • Electric boosted solar solutions designed in Australia for Australian conditions.
  • Energy saving with high performance
    solar collectors as standard.
  • 4mm toughened glass solar collectors - hail resistant.
  • Automatic boost when sun doesn't shine.
  • Solarpower logic - ensures maximum solar benefit.
  • Cyclone mounting and frost protection kits available.
  • Tank collector warranty 5 Years.*
  • Eligible for RECs and State/Federal Rebates.
  • Standard valve kit included.
Choose one of the following solar hot water solutions to meet your requirement and save you money

Thermasun 270l Split Single Collector (1 Solar Panel)

Thermasun 270l Split Double Collector (2 Solar Panels)

Thermasun 340l Split Double Collector (2 Solar Panels)

Thermasun 340l Split Triple Collector (3 Solar Panels)

Model Number IME2501 -TP IME2502 -TP IME3152 -TP IME4003-TP
Nominal Delivery 270 270 340 450
Number of Solar Collectors 1 2 2 3
Relief Valve Pressure kPa 1000 1000 1000 850
Element Rating (Standard kw 3.6 3.6 3.6 3.6
Tank Weight kg 84 84 102 150
Overall Height 1388 1388 1690 1721
Overall Diameter 648 648 648 730
RECs (Based on Cont. Tariff)
Zone 1 20 29 31 44
Zone 2 21 29 30 45
Zone 3 20 29 31 44
Zone 4 15 23 25 38

Maximum number of persons guide is indicative only and based on connection to continuous tariff. Note that water usage changes from person to person and household to household. Appliances should each be treated as one extra person. Financial savings will vary depending on which Thermasun unit is installed, orientation and inclination of solar collectors, type of water heater being replaced and tariff. All information contained herein is correct at time of printing and subject to change without notice.

Solar Collector Details
Collector Size mm 2000 x 1000
Aperture Size mm2 2.0
Collector Weight kg 37

*refer to owner/installer manual.