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Open Loop - Direct Heating 300 Litre Solar gas system

Global Leaders

Chromagen is a Global Leader in the solar hot water industry. Founded in 1962, we have designed and manufactured a method of solar energy absorption, transfer and storage so advanced and effective, that we can boast of having over a million satisfied customers in over 40 countries around the world. Chromagen Solar Australia is a fully Australian owned company, staffed by a team of solar hot water experts with over 100 years combined experience. This ensures that you not only receive the highest quality products, Chromagen backs it up with high quality after sales service and support.

Aesthetically pleasing design, no more tank on the roof

Chromagens split solar water heaters consist of our high performance roof mounted solar collectors, matched with our range of high quality, technologically advanced ground mounted hot water storage tanks. Available in two models, with three tank size choices and systems available for hard water and frost areas, a Chromagen split solar system will not detract from the appearance of your home.

Never ending Steaming Hot water 24/7 – with Chromagen Solar / Gas

When you choose the option of fitting one of our Eternity 5 ½ Star rated continuous flow Gas water heaters as the 'booster' for your new solar water heater, you'll have never ending hot water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just imagine those long hot showers on those cold winter days.

Super Performance

The key to Chromagen's legendary performance and efficiency lies in our unique solar collector design. For example, independent testing shows that a Chromagen system with only one CR120 Black Chrome solar collector, outperforms similar competitor products with two solar collectors. Our larger solar collection area, ultrasonically welded all copper construction, and Black Chrome surface combine to produce a solar collector that is twice as efficient as the aluminium and steel black paint collectors used by a leading competitor. For larger families, or those wishing to obtain maximum solar efficiency, Chromagen are also able to provide systems with 2 or 3 solar collectors.

Highest Quality – Highest Performance

Our range of solar water heaters are so efficient, that they attract the highest government incentives, designed to encourage Australians to utilize our abundant solar energy resource. Plus – the quality of Chromagen systems is second to none – which is why we can offer a very attractive 7 year warranty. Add these two features together – super performance and long life – and the benefits equal higher savings on running costs over a longer life cycle.