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Eternity Gas Hot Water

External continuous flow gas hot water heater


At last someone got it right - instant, never ending hot water 24 hours a day, 12 months of the year, whenever you turn on the tap. That's the promise we provide you, with the new Eternity G series range of Gas water heaters.

21st Century technology

Whether operated through a Chromagen mixing valve, or matched with our optional digital control touch pads, the Eternity G series range of continuous flow gas water heaters are able to provide enough temperature controlled hot water to service up to three bathrooms.

Once set, your hot water remains at a constant temperature with no need for mixing cold water. This means both convenience and safety for your family, particularly for young children and the elderly.

Continuous savings

Your new Eternity G series not only has an energy efficiency rating in excess of five stars, it only uses purchased energy when required, as it only heats the water when you need it. This adds up to substantial savings when compared to those old money guzzling storage systems that require a pilot light. No more money going up in flames. With the Eternity touch pad option, you control the water temperature and subsequently control your savings and reduce your gas bill.

Add a sprinkle of sunshine

Chromagen is a global leader in the field of solar water heating So naturally, the new Eternity G series has been designed to be utilised with our entire range of technologically advanced solar systems.

Your new Eternity G series can be utilised with most mains pressure solar water heaters available on the market today. However, when matched with either a Chromagen, or Solar First solar water heater they really shine, with savings of up to 90% or more on your gas hot water bills.

World class customer care

Your Eternity G series is backed up with a comprehensive customer service network, all of whom are just a phone call away. All our domestic systems are covered by a 10 year heat exchanger warranty and three years on all parts and labour. For further information on our customer protection plan, we always recommend you read the comprehensive information manual we supply with every Eternity G series system. (Chromagen's commercial warranty applies for commercial applications)

Safety and reliability is our priority

Your compact new Eternity G series is provided with full flame protection for total peace of mind. Plus, with our ingenious temperature sensing technology, your Eternity G series is able to protect itself from damage in frost prone areas.

Your local Chromagen representative is able to provide expert advice on the correct Eternity G series system for your needs.


Eternity G series touch pad controllers

Your new Eternity G Series Gas water heater can be fitted with optional controllers to allow you to set your own preferred water temperature and allows you to take full advantage of the technological features inbuilt in your new system. Just some of the reasons for installing at least one Eternity controller are

  • Child safety. With preset temperatures at all taps, your children will be safe from being scalded by hot water, as will the elderly.
  • They're simple to use. In no time, your family will be tailoring your water controllers to suit each individual's needs.
  • With your shower preset to your desired temperature, you don't have to worry about those 'cold shocks' in the shower when someone turns on another hot water tap, or a spike in temperature if someone flushes the loo.
  • You'll be saving water, as there's no need to 'jiggle' the hot and cold taps to attain your desired temperature – simply turn on the hot water tap and enjoy.