Grid connect solar + inverter only $35 per week own your very own solar hot water system for only $32 a week April promo $400 trade-in extended for May

Your Solar Power
and Solar Hot Water Experts

How much will I save
with solar power "PV" in North QLD?

Solar PV Panels setupGenerating your own solar power has never been more affordable. And with pay back periods as low as 3 years, it makes perfect economical sense. Installing a 1.5kW PV solar power system can save up to $800 a year off your power bill in queensland. So whether you are building or retro fitting your home with solar power in Cairns or North Queensland. Save money and make money with solar power.

What's the solar rebate?
How much will I save?

It's not a rebate, it's a point of sale discount of $5000 + depending on the size of your new Photo-Voltaic solar power system. So Solarcore will quote to install grid connect solar panels for your home, and we'll reduce your cost by over $5000. This is due to the generous government STC multiplier rebate. The good news for you is, we take care of it all for you. Getting a solar rebate in Cairns and North Queensland has ever been this easy.

How does a
solar hot water system work?

Solar hot water system installed on roof in CairnsOur range of Thermasol and Conergy Solar Hot Water Systems work a treat in Queensland. The waters warm to begin with and our solar hot water systems are one of the most efficient systems available in Queensland today. The water flows from the tank to the collectors on the roof. The heat captured in the solar hot water system from the sun is then transferred through the copper piping to heat the water ready for your every day use. Solar hot water has never been this convenient.

Why choose a
local solar power expert?

Happy solarcore customers To offer solar power in Cairns, its important that we offer systems which are specially designed to work with maximum efficiency in our tropical climate. Our range of mono-crystline solar panels matched with our carefully selected outdoor inverters ensures that all solar power systems we install provide energy from the sun long into the future. Solar power is only a phone call away.